At the Stolls’ apartments, the wooden floors and hand carved coffered
ceilings add a sense of grandeur to the lofty rooms.
- The New York Times

Thanks so much for making Rome the highpoint of our trip to ItalySH & PH

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your Rome apartment. A great apartment
in a great location.
Chuck, San Fransisco

The apartment is lovely and so well located — we were able to walk most
of the time… the neighborhood market is a delight
. – Don, Seattle

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the Stoll’s apartment. It met our
expectations in every way.
Irwin, New Mexico

Our third stay in the Stoll apartment meant that it felt like home. So
easy to adjust to
. – Bill & Francine, Portland

It was all that we could have hoped for. The large beautifully furnished
rooms made our time in the apartment memorable
. – Harry & Corinne, Arizona

Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Rome and could not have been happier with the apartment.  It truly added to our enjoyment as it was everything we were hoping for.  The location was perfect and made everything so convenient.  The fact that we had so much information provided by you going in also made things easier.  – Ken & Linda, Boulder, Colorado

Now that we have been in both apartments, it will be hard to choose
between them when we return in the future!
Jane & Jeff, Maryland