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Via Del Governo Vecchio, 73
Roma Italia 00186

The two Rome apartments we own adjoin one another and are located on the “secondo piano” [two floors above ground floor - the equivalent of an American third floor] in a building, originally built in the 14th Century, that at one time had the studio of the artist Raphaello on the ground floor. Over the centuries, there have been numerous additions to the building, and it has, of course, been updated. The apartments themselves have been rewired and new plumbing, heat, and air conditioning added, etc.

Our location adjoins Piazza Pasquino, which is one block from Piazza Navona, [one of the most famous piazzas in Rome, featuring three Bernini fountains and one of the most beautiful churches in Rome – the cupola of which can be seen from one of our apartments]. This is also four blocks from the Campo dei Fiori public market and within 15 minute walking of the Spanish Steps [“Spagna”], the Vatican, and most of the other major historic sites of the center.  Our building is surrounded by excellent restaurants, small clothing boutiques [see the link to NY Times article regarding the street]; there are wine shops and grocery stores within two blocks.

Stairs/elevator for Rome Apartments:

As with most apartments in the historic centres of Italian cities, there is no elevator.  However, the stairs to the apartments are not difficult and the apartments on the second piano, the second floor above the ground, equivalent of an American third floor. We recall only one elderly (83 year old) guest who had any difficulty with the stairs.

Parking for Rome Apartments

Generally, we recommend not having a car in the historic center of any major Italian city, including Rome.  Most of the streets in the historic centres were built long before cars, are narrow, and one-way, resulting in driving circuitously to reach even a relatively nearby location.  Parking is either difficult and expensive, or non-existent, and in Rome requires a special parking permit that one can obtain only from a police station.  Our apartments are within walking distance of most major sites and taxis are plentiful, with taxi stands within two blocks of our apartment building.

If you are in the historic centre of Rome and parked on the street without a residential parking permit [very difficult to obtain] you are likely to be both ticketed and the car “booted,” so do not do that.  If you are coming to Rome by rental car, we recommend immediately driving the car to a rental office and then taking a taxi [or walk] from that office to our apartment.  If you are leaving either city by rental car, it is also easy to get to a nearby rental car to drive to some area outside of the city.

Rome Driving Directions

As Rome is large, it is impossible to give you driving instructions to our apartments there.  Anywhere in Rome’s historic centre, there are no nearby parking garages, and legal street parking is impossible to find and requires a residential permit [which usually takes weeks].

Rome – Transit Proximity

Rome Trains

The nonstop train leaves from Rome’s airport every 20 minutes to the Rome central terminal [“Termine”] and takes 20 minutes. A taxi from Rome’s Termine to our Rome apartments takes about 15 minutes and costs 10 euros.  We do not recommend walking [because of the distance] and do not recommend the bus [#64, which also takes pilgrims from Termine to the Vatican and is frequented by pickpockets].

Rome Walking, Taxis, Bus

Virtually all major sites in Rome are within a 20 minutes walk from our apartments. Taxis are plentiful, and a large taxi stand is at Piazza Pantaleo, a 3 minute walk from the apartments. There are many buses that travel on Corso Vittore Emanuaelle, about two blocks from the apartment.

Air conditioning in each apartment:

Both of our Italian apartments has excellent heating and air-conditioning systems that are separate for our units and easily and individually controlled.  Each of the Rome apartments has its own heating and air conditioning units.  There are no utility charges to guests for use of the heat/air conditioning.

Internet connection in each apartment:

Each of the apartments in Rome has high speed internet connections, with no charge to our guests.  Because of the thickness of the walls within the apartments, the “wireless” aspect of the connection may not be used in all rooms of the apartments, however.


As these apartments are all on relatively narrow ancient streets, there are not really “vistas” to view from the apartments.  The “Stoll” apartment has a slight view of the cupola of the church in Piazza Navona, as well as the tile rooftops of nearby ancient buildings and of the central atrium of the building.  The “Romit” apartment looks out over Via del Governo Vecchio and the ancient buildings on it.

Appliances and Electronics:

Both of the apartments are fully supplied with: hairdryers; washing machines, DRYERS [most apartments in Italy have washing machines, but not dryers], international [including English-speaking] TV, DVD player, stereo, dishwashers, local telephone [from which one can use international phone cards], and American-type coffee machines [as well as stove-top espresso coffee makers].  Of course, all linen and kitchen equipment [but not perishable food], etc.,  are supplied.

Manager, Guide To The Apartments

We have a local manager who speaks fluent English and meets our guests and shows them the apartments and answers questions, show “how things work,” etc.  He is also available by cell phone if any questions arise during your stay.  In addition, we have prepared a thorough guide that we provide our guests shortly before they arrive.  The written guide provides many “helpful hints” [how the oven works, etc.] useful phone numbers [names of English speaking guides, language schools, doctors, pharmacies, etc.] and locations of shops, restaurants and markets we regularly use in the neighborhood that we think you will enjoy.

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